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Tierra Viva

Tierra Viva is an immersive hotel that allows guests to live with the land. The hotel is located in Lake Powell and requires a boat to get to. When researching Lake Powell, I thought about the best way to create a nature insert. Because of the rocks, a cavern hotel seemed like the easiest solution; however, to fully immerse the guests, I chose to take out electricity and only have running water. 

The hotel name "Tierra Viva" means living Earth which is the story I am conveying to the guests. The hotel includes cavern like rooms that vary based off the shape of the land. There is also a built in spa that provides natural remedies such as mud bathes, a hot stone sauna, and massages. The restaurant is open to the horizon so guests can watch the sunrise, sunset, and natural beauty of the land. The hotel provides a rec center so guests can participate in daily activities such as star gazing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, meditation and more! 

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