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Sugar Rush Food Kiosk

Ralph is known for jumping from game to game, and has now jumped into the world wide web. In the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, the steering wheel for Vanellope’s game “Sugar Rush” breaks. In order to pay for Vanellopes broken steering wheel they have to buy a new one on eBay. Ralph and Vanellope bid the largest number they can think of, not knowing they have to pay that amount. Ralph decides to sell some of the sweets from her game on the internet in order to pay off the $27,001 they owe.

Sugar Rush is a new way for guests to not only order food and satisfy their sweet tooth, but allows the consumers to interact with Ralph and Vanellope. This food Kiosk uses interactive technology that lets guests pick and choose when and what they want to order on a Padzilla with the help of their favorite characters. The food and graphics will match those of which are in the movie, such as pie, cupcakes, and ice cream. Ralph Breaks the Internet does not have any featured rides, however, the use of interactive technology matches many of the Walt Disney attractions.

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