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Spittoon Saloon

Spittoon Saloon was my first stop motion film where I got to design the character and set, as well as fabricate and film it. I started the process by creating the wire armature and sculpting his body out of clay around it. Next I created his head out of clay on a separate wire. Once this was done I created the mold for his body out of plaster and his head's mold out of silicone. When those were complete I injected silicon into the plaster mold with a new armature which took about two hours, and cast his heads out of liquid plastic. I had already begun creating the set and running motion tests with the clay sculpts. Once his heads were painted, set built, and silicone body trimmed, I created his costume. When I began filming, I had already planned every shot, camera angle, and lighting. 

This was a ten week course, and was very fun and tiring!

Some of the techniques I used, but are not limited to are...


Mold and Cast Making

 Charge of all levels of Production


• Painting


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