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"Genesis" was an experience I learned a lot from. Our location was an abandoned cabin in Claxton, GA. The art departments job was to create a worn down - unearthly - futuristic cabin. Our team repurposed the entire cabin from head to toe to make the space feel livable. This was one of the biggest film sets I have worked on. 


My job in this production was to work with the production designer as his Leadman. This was a very rewarding experience because I was given impossible tasks that were out of budget, and needed to deliver them. This project required really out of the box thinking, and a lot of time management because of the travel aspect.  


Fun Fact: Most of the things inside the cabin were found on the side of the road or in a dumpster! 

Some techniques I used, but are not limited to are...

• Prop Making

Set Dressing



Problem Solving


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