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A Cowboys Lonely Heart

A Cowboys Lonely Heart

This is a 18”x 24” colored pencil drawing on watercolor paper. The background includes a wooden backdrop behind the subjects. The subject to the left is a saloon girl with red and black feathers coming out of her blonde hair.  The subject to the right of her is a cowboy with a black hat and leather vest. They are resting their arm on a wooden post as they flirt. The saloon girl is aged and is making a smirky face towards the cowboy. The figures are seen from the hips up.

I took this photo at the Smithville photo festival in Texas. I entered my drawing into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition. 

Some of the techniques I used, but are not limited to are...

• Color

• Proportioning

• Details

• Color Matching

• Blending

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