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Collections of the World Resort

A brand new artifact was just delivered to the Metropolitan Museum. This artifact was discovered in the depths of an
unexplored jungle, completely foreign to its surroundings- as if it had fallen from the sky. It soon became the prized jewel of the
museum due to its beauty and mysterious pulsing light. Historians identified the jewel as a stone from an unknown world, because it
is made of a material never seen before on Earth. Over the next few days, guards and guests attending the museum would find all
the relics and exhibits misplaced or in the wrong displays. It wasn’t until the surveillance recordings were played back that we
could see the relics and statues moving around as if they had magically come to life.

The resort is based in Las Vegas so families with children have an family friendly attraction to see. 

Each room will reflect the exhibit it is in, and no room will be the same. I have illustrated a Jurassic Room, Fine Arts Room, and Greek Room. Each room is a different "package"  suite, but all will have animated features that can easily be turned on and off. I have also illustrated POVs of each room, as well as the lobby with the jewel. The resort will still have museum exhibits open to guests not staying at the resort.

Copyright © Alina Holder 2014 - 2021. All rights reserved. 

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