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Chicago Spec

When researching Chicago, I realized the city is located right next to Lake Michigan. I looked up a bunch of ways to incorporate water into my city insertion, and stumbled across the Chicago standard fire hydrant. I decided to create a immersive waterpark in the shape of a fire hydrant because it transports the guests into a new and unexplored world. The city of Chicago is already a installation city, so I figured this would be the best place to locate Chicago Spec.

The waterpark consists of five floors, each immersing the guest in the continuous theme of water. The entrance of the park is meant to act as though the fire hydrant has been cracked open for guests to play in the water. The restaurant is a 360 restaurant that overlooks the juxtaposing city line, the parks, and the lake. The waterwheel inside the entire building acts as the main water pipe, and can be seen on four of the five floors. The exterior pool is open to the public and the lawn is great for a spontaneous day out. The project is meant to stand out from the city, while still reflecting Chicago's characteristics. 

This project was given honorable mention in the Themed Attraction Showcase competition. You can listen to me talk about this project at the following link: 

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